My Outer World is a reflection of my Inner World

Part Seven, #2 says, “no limitation can be placed on you by anyone but yourself.”
losers play the victim and blame everyone and everything for their problems in life. I cannot blame my past decisions or circumstances for where I am in life. I know that I am what all the days that have gone before have made me.  Now I also know that I can change my outer world by changing my inner world.

With effort my conscious mind can be a Watchman at the Gate of my subconscious mind to block out negative thoughts by substituting them with positive thoughts of the power of God working in me.

It is my desire to fulfill God’s Will for me. Therefore, I can be what God wills me to be.

My positive thoughts will change my belief about myself and what I can do and be. I can be what God wills me to be.

Thoughts/ Feelings = My Belief = What I Do = My Habits= Who I Am

My Outer World is a reflection of my Inner World.

Week 6 – The Value of what I Do

The Master Keys Mastermind Alliance course required us to read the Essay on Compensation by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My first read produced nothing but a fuzzy mind; the second time through Emerson started to become clearer. On my third read the lessons came through.

On page 12 this jumped off the page at me: “thou shalt be paid exactly for what thou hast done, no more, no less.”

My Guide sent my DMP back  to me again because I wasn’t showing any sacrifice.  My Guide asked me “what was I giving in order to get what I want?

Reading Emerson finally hit me! What was I giving of value to the market place in order to get something back from the market place.
This is what I have to work on!

Thank you, MKMMA

Channel The Power

The Master Keys System lesson in week 5 of the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance tells us we cannot receive the omnipotent power unless we give it .  We are to be “channels” of the power.  To quote author Charles F. Haanel,  “we are each of us but the channel through which the Omnipotent power is being differentiated into form…..the more we give, the more we get.”

This reminds me very much of the chorus we  sing in The Salvation Army:  “Channels only, Blessed Master, but with all Thy wondrous power; flowing through me, thou canst use me, every day and every hour.”

The more I give of myself to others, the more God’s power will flow through me.  If I stop giving out, the power will stop flowing in.  This is illustrated by the lively Jordan River flowing into the Dead Sea.  It is called the Dead Sea because there is no outflow from it, therefore nothing lives in it.

Giving of myself takes work and effort, but it produces great rewards of blessings.

Week 5 – We are What We Think

No one is born with guilt, shame, fear, worry, anger or hate; nor is anyone born with love, faith, confidence or courage.  All of these are learned behavior.

What we have in our mind or memory is a result of our home and social environment – what we experience through our 5 senses: see – hear – touch – taste – smell.

Our conscious mind takes it in and reasoning decides whether to pass it on to our subconscious mind.  When we are young there is very little reasoning and we take everything in and pass it on, because everything we receive is from people who are significant in our lives; i.e. parents, teachers, even peers (because we want to be accepted by our peers.)

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between the truth and a lie; it makes no judgment or argue; it believes everything it is told.  As we experience life is when we develop learned behavior.

We are the result of our past memories, what we take into our mind comes out in our actions.  We can only change what comes out in our actions by changing what we believe in our mind.  This is why Bible reading, prayer, daily devotions and Christian fellowship is so important – even the music we listen to, the movies and TV shows we watch impacts our thoughts and actions.


Thoughts = Feelings = Beliefs – This is where we experience our relationship with God

The results of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs lead our Outer World

Action = Habits = who we are

Eliminate the word “WILL”

I followed the instruction we were given to eliminate the word “will” from Scroll #1 of The Greatest Salesman in the World. From the very beginning it felt great to say things like “what they teach me” rather than what they will teach me – or “I do not fail” rather than “I will not fail”. It lends a whole new meaning to the Scroll.

Today I discovered that “will” appears 8 times in the Blueprint Builder Self Confidence Formula and “trying” appears once. I crossed out the 8 “will” words and changed trying to DOING. What a difference!

This Master Key course is feeling better all the time.

Let your light shine

Part three of The Master Key tells us to eliminate any possible tendency to complain about our life because we have within us the power to change our lives.  With unsuccessful people, life “happens” to them, they play the victim, blame, justify and complain about the conditions of their life.  Successful people take responsibility and create a new life.

I have a vague recollection of a cartoon from my youth.  I believe it was “Lil Abner” that had one character in it who always had a dark cloud over his head wherever he went.  Trouble always seemed to follow him.  When I hear people complain about their troubles I am reminded of that “Lil Abner” character.  They say, if only their life was different, if they had a different job, different looks, lived in a different city, had a different spouse, etc. Then life would be wonderful!   They failed to realize the problem was not with their “outer world” – the problem lies within.  For things to change, we need to change.

We can drive the “dark clouds” away when we Let Our Light Shine.

Why I Do What I Do

The first week of the Master Mind Lesson #1 I had some difficulty getting into it.  It wasn’t jelling for me and my mind was a bit fuzzy reading it.  I think it was my old blueprint speaking to me and questioning me if I wanted more power and can I even remember what my dreams were when I was young?  I also had a struggle with the idea of a Universal Mind.

When I am able to substitute God for the Universal Mind it began to make more sense.  When I see God as the life principle of every atom and then I seek to carry out His Purpose for why He created me.

On reading Lesson 2 in week 2 is when I had another WOW! moment.  The Bible in Romans 7:15 Paul says: “I do not understand what I do.  For what I want to do I do not do, and what I hate I do.”  I always described this as 2 dogs fighting within us, and the dog that wins is the dog we feed.  This lesson on the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind explains very clearly what Paul was talking about in the Bible.  If we want to change what we DO (our Outer World) we have to work on the Inner World (our subconscious mind).

The idea of the conscious mind being the “watchman at the gate” of the subconscious mind is a great description of how we can change.  We need to train our conscious mind to prevent errors from entering our subconscious mind.  It is the errors which cause worry, fear, hate, selfishness and all kinds of evil in our life.

What we DO becomes our HABITS which forms our Character (who we ARE). If we want to improve who we are we have to change what we BELIEVE, FEEL and THINK.  To do this we must change our subconscious mind and have our conscious mind become the watchman at the gate.

I can hardly wait for the next lessons to see how to accomplish this.