Let your light shine

Part three of The Master Key tells us to eliminate any possible tendency to complain about our life because we have within us the power to change our lives.  With unsuccessful people, life “happens” to them, they play the victim, blame, justify and complain about the conditions of their life.  Successful people take responsibility and create a new life.

I have a vague recollection of a cartoon from my youth.  I believe it was “Lil Abner” that had one character in it who always had a dark cloud over his head wherever he went.  Trouble always seemed to follow him.  When I hear people complain about their troubles I am reminded of that “Lil Abner” character.  They say, if only their life was different, if they had a different job, different looks, lived in a different city, had a different spouse, etc. Then life would be wonderful!   They failed to realize the problem was not with their “outer world” – the problem lies within.  For things to change, we need to change.

We can drive the “dark clouds” away when we Let Our Light Shine.


8 thoughts on “Let your light shine”

  1. Lovely post Bill; thanks.

    I like your reference to the cartoon ‘Lil Abner’ too.
    It is interesting how symbols and encapsulations from childhood stand by one in life, e.g. one of the sayings of my parents that I found very useful in later years re “shine” was to “share your light but not your oil”. I feel this course and sharing through blogs and the alliance section of the website is helping me do this better. Special thanks for your bit in this. 🙂

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  2. “Share your light, not your oil!” Great advise! To me this says not to lose the spirit within that causes my light to shine the light for others.


  3. My husband, all his life, has done just what you describe, blame, justify and complain. His frequent saying was, “if only we weren’t so broke, we could do this or that” He thinks the principles taught here are totally worthless, so I feel like I am swimming up stream against a strong current, trying to implement this in a negative environment. But so far I am doing it, and plan to keep doing it!


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