Eliminate the word “WILL”

I followed the instruction we were given to eliminate the word “will” from Scroll #1 of The Greatest Salesman in the World. From the very beginning it felt great to say things like “what they teach me” rather than what they will teach me – or “I do not fail” rather than “I will not fail”. It lends a whole new meaning to the Scroll.

Today I discovered that “will” appears 8 times in the Blueprint Builder Self Confidence Formula and “trying” appears once. I crossed out the 8 “will” words and changed trying to DOING. What a difference!

This Master Key course is feeling better all the time.


5 thoughts on “Eliminate the word “WILL””

  1. I too found it an interesting experience to eliminate “will” it was a challenge at first to read it without saying that word, I had crossed it out with a colored pencil, which still left the word quite visible. So I had to make more of an effort to not read it the original way, after I had read it that way so many times before. But it certainly did do something different in my head to leave it out!


  2. Leaving out the word “will” makes it a much more powerful read, keeping it in the present tense. I found after I crossed out the word “will” and after reading it several times, I found a few I missed and had read right over them. Interesting all around.


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