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My Outer World is a reflection of my Inner World

Part Seven, #2 says, “no limitation can be placed on you by anyone but yourself.”
losers play the victim and blame everyone and everything for their problems in life. I cannot blame my past decisions or circumstances for where I am in life. I know that I am what all the days that have gone before have made me.  Now I also know that I can change my outer world by changing my inner world.

With effort my conscious mind can be a Watchman at the Gate of my subconscious mind to block out negative thoughts by substituting them with positive thoughts of the power of God working in me.

It is my desire to fulfill God’s Will for me. Therefore, I can be what God wills me to be.

My positive thoughts will change my belief about myself and what I can do and be. I can be what God wills me to be.

Thoughts/ Feelings = My Belief = What I Do = My Habits= Who I Am

My Outer World is a reflection of my Inner World.


Week 5 – We are What We Think

No one is born with guilt, shame, fear, worry, anger or hate; nor is anyone born with love, faith, confidence or courage.  All of these are learned behavior.

What we have in our mind or memory is a result of our home and social environment – what we experience through our 5 senses: see – hear – touch – taste – smell.

Our conscious mind takes it in and reasoning decides whether to pass it on to our subconscious mind.  When we are young there is very little reasoning and we take everything in and pass it on, because everything we receive is from people who are significant in our lives; i.e. parents, teachers, even peers (because we want to be accepted by our peers.)

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between the truth and a lie; it makes no judgment or argue; it believes everything it is told.  As we experience life is when we develop learned behavior.

We are the result of our past memories, what we take into our mind comes out in our actions.  We can only change what comes out in our actions by changing what we believe in our mind.  This is why Bible reading, prayer, daily devotions and Christian fellowship is so important – even the music we listen to, the movies and TV shows we watch impacts our thoughts and actions.


Thoughts = Feelings = Beliefs – This is where we experience our relationship with God

The results of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs lead our Outer World

Action = Habits = who we are